Grand Prix Win for Socrates!

Congrats are offered to Michelle Parker and Socrates on their first Grand Prix win togetherHandshake for a job well done!

A terrific day at the Arizona Winter Festival in Tucson for Cross Creek! Socrates won first place in an exciting $25,000 Strongid® C 2X Grand Prix class. Thirty-three competitors fought it out for the big prize, with nine making it into the jump-off. Socrates had the enviable position of last in the jump-off; however several top winning horses and riders were in the line-up taking a good shot at the prize money. Justin Resnik was the first to go double-clean on Copius in a time of 38.514 seconds. Several other top riders had rails trying to beat his time. Finally Michelle’s turn aboard Socrates came – she laid down an efficient and very fast round, taking advantage of her big grey’s gigantic stride to cover ground, and slicing the turns to best advantage. Socrates’ time of 37.286 was more than a full second faster than any other in the jump-off and he galloped away with the blue.  This is only his second horse show with Michelle – last week being the first when he was 2nd in the Sahuaro Classic Grand Prix, also going double-clean. A Grand Prix first and second in two shows is a great way to start off a career – good luck to the two of them in future shows!

Video Socrates Grand Prix Win

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Other good prizes for the barn occured Friday in the $5,000 Open Welcome class where Central Park jumped double-clean and fast, ending up 4th, and Clever followed also with a double-clean round only 3/1000ths of a second faster than “Blackie”, scoring 2nd. We don’t know how a 3rd place horse squeezed in between the two of them!

One more week to go in Arizona – temps in the high 80s, lots of sunshine, and hopefully more blue ribbons in store this coming week! Congratulations Michelle and Socrates!

Grand Prix Win

2 thoughts on “Grand Prix Win for Socrates!

  1. CONGRATS MICHELLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Well deserved award for lots of hard work.
    The photos are “fab” . You are both “stylin”.
    More luck this week.

  2. Congratulations to Everyone!!
    May you and Socrates know many more victories!!

    Have fun and best of luck this entire show season!!

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