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michelle_parker_socratesSan Juan Capistrano, California

Another Grand Prix win for Socrates and Michelle Parker! Last night in front of a big crowd at the Oaks Blenheim Spring Classic III, 22 horses and riders competed for $35,000 in prize money over what turned out to be a challenging course set by Olaf Petersen Jr of Muenchen, Germany. Michelle and Socrates went early in the order, laying down the first and what turned out to be the only clean round in the class!

The big grey gelding was unfazed by the crowd, lights and noise in the covered arena that seemed to create issues for the rest of the field and jumped around bravely with his usual power and scope. Michelle rode with a splint on her left hand which is just recovering from a broken bone suffered on the last day of the Arizona Winter Circuit. A big Cross Creek West cheering section was on hand to share in the excitement of the victory!

It appears Grand Prix is Socrates’ favorite class of every horse show, as he has accumulated a record in four horse shows of 2 firsts, a second and a fourth in the big money class!

No pictures and video yet – but you can be sure we’ll update as soon as we get access to more material!