Alex Alvarado

S3R_5782The youngest of three brothers, Alex began his riding career at the age of 17 when he came to the United States for a year off from school after graduating high school early. That year turned into a new life goal for Alex. Although he started his riding career late by industry standards, Alex showed a tremendous natural talent for the sport. He is now pursuing his passion with the hope of representing his country in international competition. His ultimate goal would be to compete at the Olympic level on a horse that was bred, raised and trained entirely by his family-owned Rancho Las Tres Cruces.

Alex also shows a great affinity for coaching other riders of all levels. He excels at spotting the small details that might be creating a big problem for the rider. With some background in dressage, Alex has proven to be invaluable at CCW for his ability to produce a well-schooled horse in the jumping arena.

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